First Nations welcome Abbott to Big HouseThe term Kwakiutl, historically applied to the entire Kwakwaka’wakw ethno-linguistic group of originally 28 peoples, comes from one of the Kwakwaka’wakw tribes, the Kwagu’l or Kwagyeulth, at Fort Rupert, with whom Franz Boas did most of his anthropological work and whose Indian Act Band government is the Kwakiutl First Nation. The term is now considered a misnomer by most of the peoples it is applied to, the correct term for whom is Kwakwaka’wakw, which means Kwak’wala-speaking-peoples, although some bands such as the Laich-kwil-tach at Campbell River still embrace it -they are known as the Southern Kwakiutl and the tribal council they are in is the Kwakiutl District Council (which includes the Kwakiutl First Nation). The Kwakiutls are known for potlatches.

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