The Kainai Nation (or Káínawa, or Blood Tribe) is a First Nation in southern Alberta, Canada with a population of 7,437 members in 2005, and had a population of 9,035 members as of 9 February 2008. They are part of the Niitsítapi (Blackfoot Confederacy of the Original People).

Akáínaa translates directly to “Many Chief” (from aká – “many” and nínaa – “chief”) while Káína translates directly to “Many Chief people.” The common English name for the tribe is the “Blood tribe.”

At the time treaties such as Treaty 7 were signed, the Kainai were situated on the Oldman, Belly, and St. Mary rivers west of Lethbridge, Alberta. The Kainai reserve Blood 148 is currently the largest in Canada with 3,852 inhabitants on 1,414.03km² and is located approximately 200 kilometres south of Calgary.

In 1960, the Kainai and their sacred Sun Dance were featured in the National Film Board of Canada documentary Circle of the Sun. Tribal leaders had been concerned that the Sun Dance might be dying out, and had permitted filming as a visual record.

Excerpted from Wikipedia’s article on the Kainai Nation

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