Kwakiutl calling for demonstration – tomorrow

Kwakiutl calling for demonstration – tomorrow

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February 11, 2007

From Zoe,

The Kwakiutl First Nation has called for a demonstration at the Legislature on Monday at 11 am to protest the Province’s decision to transfer land in its territory without consultation. The transfer is part of a deal between Western Forest Products and the Province to take private land out of Tree Farm Licenses on northern Vancouver Island. The Kwakiutl Band Council states that it was informed about the application, but it was not consulted, and it is still waiting for official notice of the decision that was made January 31. Western Forest Products stands to make millions on the deal. Band members and supporters are demonstrating in support of aboriginal rights and title.

The rally begins at Thunderbird Park at 10 am, then proceeds to the Legislature for an 11 am demonstration.

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Recent News

WFP deal angers band FORT RUPERT – Douglas Treaty rights are being trampled by a provincial decision allowing Western Forest Products to take land out of its Tree Farm Licence (TFL), claims the Kwakiutl band council.

“Our traditional territory is under attack by the provincial government’s land deal with Western Forest Products (WFP) announced Wednesday, January 31, 2007,” says the band council in a letter to the community on Feb. 5.

Despite “the Kwakiutl First Nation Band Council stating loud and clear that we do not support this deal as it infringes upon out Treaty Rights,” the agreement allows WFP to transfer portions of TFL 6, 19 and 25 to private land, says the letter.

“Once the land is private, this part of our traditional territory is no longer within Treaty consideration as private land is not on the table,” it adds. “We lose this part of our traditional territory forever.”

First Nation threatens to block massive land removal The Kwakiutl First Nation plans legal action to block a forestry company from removing 28,000 hectares of private land from tree farm licences on Vancouver Island.

In a letter to Forests Minister Rich Coleman, the band accused the provincial government of failing to consult with the band before allowing Western Forest Products (WFP) to remove the land.

“Our first action is to legally and effectively hold your approval in abeyance,” the band council writes in the Feb. 5 letter. “We will seek an injunction to have your government and Western Forest Products obey the protocol that is in place for meaningful consultation and accommodation.”

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