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Uncompromising Integrity

Intercontinental Cry is a network of professors, editors, journalists, researchers and thought leaders who strive to enrich the global media ecosystem, to support Indigenous Peoples, and to protect the diversity of nature through digital storytelling.

Statement of Need

Investigative Journalism has always played a vital role in the growth and maintenance of resilient democratic societies. Not only does it allow us to remain responsive to threats, challenges, and opportunities, it provides us with the insights we need to develop an informed course of action. In today's interconnected world, investigative journalism has become even more important.

Unfortunately, our strongest political actors, Indigenous Peoples, find themselves at a severe disadvantage. In addition to being severely marginalized and misrepresented by the media, Indigenous Peoples are largely denied access to the communication technologies that allow urban, non-indigenous populations to stay informed. This wide-reaching failure undermines the security and well-being of the world's 5000 Indigenous Peoples by limiting their collective capacity to organize and overcome threats to their cultures, languages, rights, subsistence economies and the very ecosystems they strive to protect for future generations.

Our Role

Intercontinental addresses these problems directly. As an independent organization that... is maintained by a growing network of distinguished professors, editors, and journalists, we have spent more than a decade supporting Indigenous Peoples who are ignored by the media. To date, we have covered the front line struggles of over 630 Indigenous Nations -- more than all other news outlets in Canada combined. And we are the only organization in North America to consistently examine the institutional, political, cultural and social obstacles that challenge the world’s Indigenous Peoples.

Consequently, IC has built up considerable momentum as a key source of investigative news and analysis. With each passing day, new contributing writers are emerging from all corners of the globe and representing an ever-expanding spectrum of unique viewpoints as IC is continually legitimized as a trusted, reliable source of Indigenous voices and content.

Our vision

Building on our 12-year legacy, we are now working around the clock to extend IC's organizational capacity in order to pursue and sustain a diverse array of programs to support and promote Indigenous Peoples, cultural diversity and the world's ecosystems on a foundation of journalism excellence. In short, we are building the media platform that everyone needs.

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