About IC Magazine


For the past 10 years, IC Magazine has stood at the forefront of the global indigenous movement. As a grassroots publication run by volunteers, we have published more than 3,000 articles detailing the challenges, struggles, and successes of approximately 520 Indigenous Nations and Peoples around the world. Preferring to offer groundbreaking coverage that is ignored by other media, IC alone examines the dynamics of the movement, and the concepts critical to its success.

Our Mission

To educate, inform, challenge and inspire the international community.

What We Do

Over the years, IC has built up considerable momentum as an independent publication, carving out a unique journalistic niche that currently serves more than 30,000 readers. Picking up where other media disappears, IC is perhaps best known for keeping an ear to the ground and a finger on the very pulse of the collective movement, like no other media source in operation.

By refusing to follow trends and by maintaining uncompromising integrity in the face of an increasingly deceptive global media, we have gained the trust of innumerable movements, organizations, networks and individuals around the world. We strive to maintain this leading edge for our loyal readers.

The Grassroots of IC’s History

IC began as the brainchild of John Ahniwanika Schertow in 2004 in a response to the need for a free online resource that would catalog the contemporary struggles of all Indigenous Peoples around the world. In June of 2007 the effort burgeoned into an extended mission that began to include providing new, original content while continuing to aggregate a collection of other sources. Struggling to keep up with the demand, John was often writing up to four articles per day, persevering to pay homage to the upwards of 500 independent Indigenous Nations whom were beginning to make their collective and individual presence known on the global stage.

In the summer of 2011, IC began to take on more volunteer writers and things began to snowball from there. In 2012 IC distributed its first printed publication, ‘People, Land and Truth 2012’ with a second publication coming in tow entitled, ‘Indigenous Struggles: Dispatches From the Fourth World.’ With these efforts well received by its intended audience, IC partnered with the Public Good Project and Wrong Kind of Green to offer, ‘Communications in Conflict’. Rounding out its place as a multimedia endeavor, IC produced two exclusive documentary films in 2013, which were quickly followed up with the 2014 edition of People Land Truth.

IC hopes to expand its mission even farther in 2014 and beyond, to fulfill its underlying vision of providing the most comprehensive media coverage of Indigenous issues possible. Imminent new developments will include expansions in investigative journalism, issuing awards that recognize the efforts of other movers and shakers in the field, and increasing production of documentary films. We also intend to start hosting a monthly podcast, organizing local educational events in Winnipeg and distributing our publications to universities and bookstores across North America.

Why We Exist

Indigenous Peoples tend to be the world’s most vulnerable stakeholders in terms of: shouldering the effects of industrial pollution and climate change, political disenfranchisement in issues of resource management, land rights and self-governance, and being disproportionately represented in the victimizing trends of corporate (ir)responsibility. Compounding the aforementioned challenges, remains the reality that these struggles are often comprehensively ignored by mainstream and alternative media. When they are mentioned at all, the coverage tends to be sterile, biased, and often trite and condescending.

Without the dedicated mission of IC working to amplify the voices and stories of all under-served Peoples and Nations, with a careful and conscious effort to represent them honestly and respectfully in a mainstream forum, well, the results could be disastrous. Many ways of life, traditions and languages, not to mention entire societies, exist on the verge of extinction either physically or politically, or are otherwise at risk of being consumed by forces of assimilation.

News outlets and international forums for solidarity must emerge to occupy this space in coverage where there has historically been a vacuum; IC Magazine is poised on the leading edge of fulfilling this role. As the collective movement grows stronger, so will our efforts to remain a dependable source of authentic and independent media in service of the needs, rights and interests of all Indigenous Nations and Peoples EVERYWHERE.


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