Ká:nen School of Indigenous Journalism


Ká:nen School of Indigenous Journalism

The Ká:nen School of Indigenous Journalism is an online learning environment designed to cultivate a new generation of empowered, ethically-motivated and security-conscious journalists.


Journalism Fundamentals

An introduction to journalism, this course is being designed to provide aspiring journalists with essential knowledge and insight to produce effective journalism in their own communities.

Instructor(s): Pending

Culturally Responsible Journalism

Inspired by the Sweetgrass Protocols for Culturally Responsible Journalism, this exclusive course will be designed to cultivate and sustain respectful working relationships with Indigenous Peoples and support accurate and respectful reporting.

Instructor(s): John Ahni Schertow

Digital Security Fundamentals

In this era of mass surveillance, journalists are constantly targeted for having the audacity to expose the truth. In Digital Security Fundamentals, we will provide journalists with the essential knowledge and tools they need to stay safe.

Instructor(s): Jorge Luis Sierra

Indigenous Research Methodology

Indigenous methods of research turn the conventional research paradigm into a holistic, investigative endeavor. Serving to compliment our course on Culturally Responsible Journalism, Indigenous Research Methodology will provide journalists with a practical understanding of the Indigenous Research paradigm.

Instructor(s): Jeff Corntassel

Filmmaking Essentials

Film is a powerful vehicle that we can use to engage an audience on a personal level. In this course, we will provide journalists with a basic working knowledge of film making to support good journalism.

Instructor(s): Pending

Courses under consideration

  • Applied Fourth World Theory
  • “Decolonize Your Newsroom”
  • Tell the Truth and Run
  • Surviving with Dignity
  • Data Sovereignty

We're fighting for our lives

Indigenous Peoples are putting their bodies on the line and it's our responsibility to make sure you know why. That takes time, expertise and resources - and we're up against a constant tide of misinformation and distorted coverage. By supporting IC you're empowering the kind of journalism we need, at the moment we need it most.

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