Submission Guidelines


We invite writers to submit Op-Ed’s, Photo Essays, Investigative Reports, and Interviews to be considered for publication on Intercontinental Cry.

Before you send us a story or pitch, please familiarize yourself with our editorial agenda and spend some time browsing through our website to see the kind of stories we publish.

How to send us a pitch
If you think your pitch or article would work well at IC, please send us an email. Your pitch should provide a brief description of your story, your credentials, and some writing samples. We will respond to your pitch as soon as possible.

What your story should look like
All op-eds and article submissions should be no more than 1,200 words, and include a title that is between 5-12 words. If you wish, you can include a subtitle that is up to 15 words in length.

Ideally, your article should also include at least one high resolution photo and a caption describing what the photo depicts. You can send your photo to us by email, or by using online services like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Please send your pitches, writing and any questions or comments to: If you need to speak to us securely, you can reach our Editor-in-Chief on at the username pinetreeline.

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