Read It And Weep, Fill It Out And Say Good Bye: The Harper Government’s “Results Based” Questionaire

by November 27, 2012

Below, you will find a copy of the Harper government’s “Results Based” questionnaire which is being used to determine the future of all 93 Modern Treaty/Self-Government negotiating tables across the country.

Should the Harper government take favour in a respondent, they will be “prepared… to terminate their Inherent, Aboriginal or Treaty Rights in exchange for compromising their section 35 protected and internationally recognized rights,” Russell Diabo, Policy Advisor at Wolf Lake First Nation & Publisher of the First Nations Strategic Bulletin, succinctly points out via email. Any agreements that follow, he continues, “will then be used as precedents against other First Nations”.

However, should the Harper government be displeased with respondent, then the Harper government will terminate negotiations.

In other words, If First Nations aren’t willing to “play nice” and demonstrate a willingness to sacrifice everything their ancestors fought for so Canada can have all the spoils in this bureaucratic war, then they will be punished like an unworthy child that gets locked in the basement for doing nothing wrong.

Read It And Weep, Fill It Out And Say Good Bye: