Mistissini Healing
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Mistissini Healing

A short film about Cree youth overcoming their struggles in the midst of a system that has set them up to fail
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November 19, 2016

MISTISSINI HEALING is a short documentary film that will introduce you to three Cree youth who are trying to heal from the inter-generational impacts of Canada’s Residential School system.

Set in the Cree village municipality of Mistissini in the territory of Eeyou Istchee in northern Quebec, the film will show you first hand how these youth are coping with the barrage of consequences that stem from Canada’s attempt to erase Cree culture and identity in Mistissini.

Those consequences—broken families, mental illness, substance abuse, isolation, suicidal inclinations, and the loss and abandonment of traditional culture—are felt in hundreds of First Nation communities across Canada. And with Aboriginal youth being the fastest growing demographic in Canada—while the aboriginal suicide rate is six times that of non-aboriginal youth–it’s high time this multi-generational struggle became a top priority in Canada.

A film by Stephanie Vizi, MISTISSINI HEALING is set to debut in June 2017.

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