Democracy Now Reports on Bagua Massacre

Democracy Now Reports on Bagua Massacre

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June 8, 2009

Democracy Now reports on the Bagua Massacre of June 5, 2009, which has left anywhere up to 100 people dead according to latest reports.

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ALAN GARCIA MUST RESIGN: criminal poised to continue Indigenous slaughter and disintegrate Peru

By Carlos A. Quiroz,

Tragedy in Peru. Let us honor all the dead and show solidarity with the families, friends and communities of Indigenous civilians and policemen killed, tortured, burned, and disappeared. Lets do it by preventing for this not to happen again.

“When one thinks of the final moments of those officers who were disarmed, tied up and then had their throats slit like animals, one understands the barbarity and savageness […] There is a conspiracy aimed at stopping us from using our natural resources for the good, growth and quality of life of our people,”
— Alan Garcia, last night in Lima

Victims of the genocidal Alan Garcia

We can expect more days and nights of violence and killing of the poorest of Peru, if we allow the murderer Alan Garcia to continue ruling the country. Tonight the infamous TV stations Panamericana, Frecuencia Latina, America TV, ATV and others have shown a manipulated video with graphic images of chopped bodies of police officers who alleged they were tortured by Amazonian Indigenous, according to their sources.

All of this has been ordered by the terrorist Alan Garcia, who has started a real civil war among the poor of Peru. From his rotten palace in Lima the despicable man welcomes the opportunity to show nasty and terrifying images of dead policemen on national TV and during family prime time. The APRA and Fujimori fascist mafias are trying to portrait the Indigenous Amazonian people as terrorists; they want to criminalize them with one intention: they are preparing more military attacks and more deaths might occur in increasingly remote areas where even independent media can’t access.

The unstable government in Lima –knowing that hell will break loose- is trying to criminalize and incarcerate Amazonian leaders, who after seeking justice for years, decided to stand up in civil disobedience without violence, against a country that no longer wants them alive.

During the tragedy of Bagua, I have seen horrifying photos and videos sent from witnesses and showing the abusive assault of brutalizes members of the National Police against unarmed civilians. Witnesses say some bodies were burned down and thrown into rivers. Some other bodies were taken away in plastic bags -perhaps the same bodies presented this evening, life forgive me.

Lima media has not reported the true tragedy yet: they only speak of policemen killed -we Indians don’t count right- and they don’t mention that there are between 35 and 85 dead people so far. In Lima, they complain about Cuba and Venezuela, but the press has become a whore who sells itself to the highest bidder, no matter if it means mocking tragedies.

Peruvian people, democracy in Peru has failed and there is no freedom of press, multinational corporations are taking over the total control of an increasingly weak Peruvian state. They are about to buy the historic monuments of Cusco, and they have already bought almost all the productive valleys of the south and northern coast of Peru, and the most productive valleys of the Andes. Now they want to steal the territories from Indigenous Peruvians. It is not surprising that this government prefers to give bailout money for U.S. owned Doe Run mining company, and to exempt taxes to an Israeli man who gives Peruvian people a poisoning trashy television, or to increase royalties for Canadian, U.S., European and Chinese polluting mining companies.

We are being robbed in our noses, Peruvians are now second class citizens – the insane murderer who governs us Garcia even said it blatantly the night of the attacks. The racism of this fatty criminal is shocking, and he wants to see more blood shed in the name of ‘security and progress’ says the filthy fascist. This is the same Alan Garcia that asked in Spain for “more caravels to come to Peru”, he gave away the main square of Lima to an opera singer for a night; he gives medals to fascist King of Spain and the extremist right-wing guru Jose Maria Aznar. He is the one that came to the U.S. to kiss Bush’s butt.

The Garcia administration grants foreign companies with enormous privileges while it kills Peruvian citizens as we were dogs, thus they are creating a bestial battle between indigenous brothers. Alan Garcia must resign and Congress should call for a general elections. Otherwise there will be more deaths due to police and military repression, if we stay silent in the name of the progress for the few. Where is Mario Vargas Llosa to protest for freedom and democracy in Peru?

Shit, if nothing is done to defend the lives of Peruvians and the integrity of the nation, not only we will continue having a criminal as a president – but we will be witnessing the takeover of Peru by Chile or the birth of a new U.S. colony where inequality will worsen but fancy Wal-Mart monsters and luxurious hotels will pop up next to Machu Picchu.

Meanwhile our children are dying of cold in the highlands, our Amazon brothers are preparing for war, and the children of the victims both police officers and natives are dreaming of a day when they can revenge the deaths of their loved ones. Today is the people of Bagua, tomorrow it can be you. Free Trade policies with the U.S. have already destroyed the lives of millions of Mexicans and Central Americans, and are projected to benefit only 3% of Peruvians -those who already have everything but are so unhappy they are begging for more blood shed.

Lets defend life, human rights, justice, progress with equality, respect for our planet. Lets defend what every courageous, dignified and decent people would fight for in those times in history that require all the greatness and the courage of a nation.

Peru wake up.

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