Yaquis: The Story of a People’s War and a Genocide in Mexico

Yaquis: The Story of a People’s War and a Genocide in Mexico

A 60-minute film about the longest-running armed struggle in Mexico's history, presented in two parts
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TeleSUR presents “Yaquis: The Story of a People’s War and a Genocide in Mexico.”

In this 60-minute film, the Mexican writer, novelist and political activist Paco Taibo II travels to the territory of the Yaqui Peoples to remember the longest-running armed struggle in Mexico’s history (1867-1909); a righteous struggle that was dragged to its end, in Paco Taibo’s own words, through a malignant ten year program of “Systematic military destruction” that used “multiple mechanisms of violence, torture, mass murder [and] enslavement of a community.”

Despite the brutal hardship, the 42-year war immortalized the will of the Yaqui Nation for all days to come. Even now, more than 100 years after this forgotten history the Yaqui continue to struggle for their most basic human rights.

Today, the Yaqui may no longer carry arms, nevertheless, their struggle–like that of all Indigenous Peoples and Nations around the world–is one that can only truly end in Justice.

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