World Indigenous Empowerment Summit
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World Indigenous Empowerment Summit

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October 10, 2006

World Indigenous Empowerment Summit
La Paz, Oct 9 (Prensa Latina) The multinational state, the Constituent Assembly, resistance and democracy are on Monday s agenda for delegates at the Continental Summit of the Indigenous Peoples and Nationalities of Abya Yala.

Over a thousand representatives from Bolivia, the US, Canada, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay are presenting their experiences with unity in native peoples.

They will discuss international rights, identity and coexistence as well as culture, education, language and historical social debts in work commissions.

The event ending October 12 will spurn Washington´s new colonization strategy through the Free Trade Area of the Americas and the Free Trade Agreements. I aims at creating a mechanism that consolidates brotherhood and complementary capacity among peoples.

Delegates will especially honor President Evo Morales, the first indigenous statesman.

Likewise, attendees will say no to interventionism, militarization and all policies and actions that damage sovereignty and dignity of the regional countries.

The meeting is called “From Resistance to Power” and has scheduled solidarity events with the processes of Bolivia, Cuba and Venezuela.


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