Resistir para Existir: La Lucha de los Cucapa

Resistir para Existir: La Lucha de los Cucapa

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February 23, 2007

This short documentary tells the story the Cucapa, an Indigenous people of Mexicali, who have been denied fishing permits, even though they have been fishing in their valley for over 9,000 years; indeed, even before this area was considered Mexico.

Fishing is part of their ancestral traditions and is their only form of support. On the other hand, commercial fisherman have no problems obtaining fishing permits.

During the upcoming fishing season, which runs from February to May, the Sixth Delegation of the EZLN, along with adherents of “The Other Campaign” will set up camp in the Mexicali dessert community of the Mayor Cucapa, and will join the local community in exercising their rights to fish in a peaceful, civil disobedient campaign for social change and justice.

Resistir para Existir: La Lucha de los Cucap


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