Voices Through Time
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Voices Through Time

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June 30, 2012

Traditionally, mass media in Peru serves to suppress and distort the images of indigenous women and indigenous Andean and Amazonian peoples, limiting their access to means of development.

“Voices Through Time” documents how men, women and youth, members of the Indigenous Communicators Network of Peru supported by CHIRAPAQ, use the radio as well as new information and communication technologies, as tools to take control of their representation in the media, preserve their cultures and identities, and defend and exercise their rights. In their own voices the women involved in this process explain to us the impact that communication has had on their communities and the importance self-expression has in their lives. The aspiration of the Network is to construct a national system of communication expressly from and for indigenous peoples.

Producer: CHIRAPAQ
With the support of: UNPFII
Runtime: 20 min.
Production year: 2010
Original language: Spanish, Quechua, Yánesha
Subtitles: English

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