V Continental Encounter of Indigenous Women

V Continental Encounter of Indigenous Women

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May 15, 2007

V Continental Encounter of Indigenous Women
Kahnawake, Quebec Canada , July 9 -12, 2007.

Continental Meetings of Women of the Americas have been major events for Indigenous community leaders and organizations from North, Central and South America. They are coordinated by the Continental Network of Indigenous Women of the Americas (ENLACE), which Quebec Native Women Inc. is a member.

The Fourth Meeting took place in Lima (Peru, 2004) and united more than three hundred women from over twenty countries. These Continental Meetings are unique platforms that encourage the development of Indigenous women’s leadership and insuring their political participation in international forums.

This year the Fifth Continental Meeting of Indigenous Women of the Americas 2007 will take place from July 9 to 11 in Kahnawake, Quebec, Canada, under the theme Restoring our Balance. By way of exchanges, training and networking, these leaders will once again have the opportunity to concretize actions in order to develop partnerships allowing them to improve their way of life. It is an opportunity for Indigenous women to strengthen links developed over the last fifteen years and get to know one strong nation in North America: the Mohawk nation and the community of Kahnawake.

For more information please go to the Quebec Native Women website;
convenciones.enlacemujeresindigenas.org (currently in Spanish only); and the Continental Network of Indigenous Women Website

or Contact:
Ms. Joanne Ottereyes
International Relations Coordinator
Quebec Native Women Inc.
Tel.: 450-632-0088, ext. 222

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