Update on Algonquins of Barriere Lake

Update on Algonquins of Barriere Lake

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January 31, 2007

January 17, 2007 – Domtar Worker Attacks and Injures Algonquin Using a Timberjack

The Algonquins have started to block a Domtar forestry operation at Lake Iskote off Highway 117 within the Trilateral Agreement Territory.

Michel Thusky a community member was injured today when a French speaking operator of a timberjack called him and
other Algonquins “Cochon” and “Savage” before using the timberjack as a weapon against Michel Thusky and another
Algonquin person.

Mr. Thusky stated that he and another person had to grab hold of the bucket of the timberjack as it was being used to try and hit them. After they grabbed hold of the bucket the operator of the timberjack raised the bucket in the air and suspended the two Algonquins in the air, one fell off inro deep snow and was uninjured Michel thusky told me over the phone tonite that he believes he fell and hit a rock because he lost consciousness for some time, when he came too he couldn’t move, it was believed at first that he broke his back.

However, after the ambulance arrived Michel Thusky found he could move parts of his body, so he knew he wasn’t injured as badly as he thought. Michel was taken to the Maniwaki General Hospital and x-rays were taken, he has no
broken bones, but he is sore and prescribed medicine for the pain. Michel Thusky has laid formal charges against the operator of the timberjack with the SQ.

The whole community is quite upset with the Domtar workers who had refused to stop work as requested so many of the
community members are going onto the logging site to shut down the Domtar foresty operation until they are satisfied that the Government of Quebec is not in breach of the 1991Trilateral Agreement and the 1998 Bilateral Agreement.

The SQ were on site today and were threatening to arrest the Algonquins if they blocked the road leading into the forestry operation, which is why the Algonquins went to the logging site to ask Domtar workers to stop logging until the issues are cleared up.

Michel Thusky has indicated that he is returning the logging site along with the community members.

For more information contact:
Russell Diabo Cell: (613) 296-0331
Policy Advisor,
Algonquins of Barriere Lake

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