Sakej Ward on sovereignty, equality, consent and legitimacy

Sakej Ward on sovereignty, equality, consent and legitimacy

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February 16, 2013

Sakej Ward of Esgenooptetitj, Mi’kmaq Nation speaking on Indigenous Nationhood. This is a preview of an upcoming event in Sto:lo territory on Feb 21st, Idle No More National Indigenous Rights Education Day. Sakej speaks about the political concepts of equality, consent and legitimacy and calls for Canada’s assertion of sovereignty over Indigenous Peoples to be put the test of legitimacy.

Idle No More National Indigenous Rights Education Day

cross Turtle Island on Feb 21, the birthday of the late George Manuel, we invite you to host or attend an Idle No More teach-in as part of National Indigenous Rights Education Day! Idle No More has put the spotlight on the INJUSTICE of the historical and present-day relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canadian governments and the movement asserts and upholds INDIGENOUS RIGHTS.
But What Does JUSTICE Look like?! What are inherent Indigenous Rights? What is the true history of this land? What are the agreements that form the basis of relationships between Indigenous and Settler peoples such as the Treaties and the Royal Proclamation of 1763? How are Indigenous rights protected in section 35 of the Canadian Constitution, in common law and in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?
It is a complex story and much of it has been obscured and misrepresented by colonial education and mainstream media… this is why we need to EDUCATE each other through widespread community teach-ins!

On Feb 21st – In classrooms, in workplaces, in community halls, around kitchen tables, at coffee shops, or out on the land, host or attend an Idle No More Indigenous Rights teach-in. Whether you are Indigenous or Settler-Canadian, if you have knowledge of the colonial history of Canada and the basis and protection of inherent Indigenous rights, host or speak at a teach-in and share your knowledge. If you feel you don’t know enough, organize a teach-in and invite someone knowledgeable to speak.
Or, if you want a place to start, invite family, friends and neighbors to your kitchen table and educate yourselves about “People to People, Nation to Nation: Highlights from the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples” You can find it here:
Between 1992 and 1996 $58 million was spent to fund this special Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP)…. the findings of this report are still not taught in schools and its recommendations have never been implemented! For more recommended resources and to announce your local teach-in go to: (website coming soon!)

We are calling for this day of teach-ins on Feb 21st to honour the legacy and vision of the late Grand Chief George Manuel, determined defender of Indigenous rights, founder of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples, long-time president of the National Indian Brotherhood and the Union of BC Indian Chiefs, and author of “Fourth World: an Indian Reality”

“As long as I am leader, Our position is not going to change from that of our forefathers. I do not want the responsibility for selling the rights of our children yet unborn.”

George Manuel (Feb 21, 1921 – Nov 15, 1989)

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