Nowhere here in the Middle

Nowhere here in the Middle

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December 12, 2009

A documentary exploring the proposed radioactive waste dump in Northern Territory, Australia.

In 2005 the Australian Federal government announced its plan to build a radioactive waste dump on one of 3 department of defense sites in the Northern Territory. One year later, another site was added to the list, to the dismay of the Muckaty Traditional Owners: Muckaty station, a remote area just north of Tennant creek.

If Muckaty station is chosen, the dump will house an est. 5000 cubic meters of nuclear waste.

In 2007, the Northern Land Council, who elected Muckaty station, alleged that it had the backing of all 70 traditional owners. But that soon turned out to be false. There has always been wide opposition to the dump site among traditional owners. That same opposition stands even now.

Produced in 2007, Nowhere here in the Middle travels to the Northern Territory to meet some of the Traditional landowners and other community members living who explain their opposition and concern for their families, Land and culture.

The documentary includes Dr. Helen Caldicott, one of the world’s leading anti-nuclear activists. Dr. Caldicott explains the dangers of radioactive waste and the reality of living near a nuclear waste dump.

The proposed dump itself is regarded as an integral part of the government’s aspirations for an expanded nuclear industry.

Nowhere here in the Middle was produced and Directed by Tara Jones. You can download a high-resolution of the film at

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