Northwest Jobs Alliance: Organized Racism by Organized Labor

Northwest Jobs Alliance: Organized Racism by Organized Labor

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December 28, 2015

White Power on the Salish Sea targeting Lummi Nation — advocated by Northwest Jobs Alliance in a December 22, 2015 Lynden Tribune editorial — benefits from 1. Financial backing of Pacific International Terminals and Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad, 2. Organizational support of the Tea Party, and 3. Propaganda on KGMI radio. With strategic advice from CERA — the “Ku Klux Klan of Indian Country” — on how to mount an anti-Indian hate campaign, organized racism by organized labor in the fossil fuel export war attempts to capitalize on the politics of fear by providing a scapegoat for the economic woes caused by Wall Street. With the Wall Street/Tea Party Convergence in this ‘carbon corridor conflict’, both democracy and human rights are under threat in the Pacific Northwest.

In my September 22, 2015 IC Magazine editorial Wise Use Terrorism: Craig Cole’s Anti-Indian Campaign, I noted that the Wise Use Movement industrial-sponsored terrorism against Native Americans has a thirty-year history of fomenting violent interracial discord to capitalize on white supremacy and religious bigotry. Through counterfeit front groups like Northwest Jobs Alliance, and an array of industrial-funded political action committees, the psychological warfare publicized by CERA on KGMI radio — and outlined at the April 6, 2013 Anti-Indian Conference in Bellingham, Washington — is designed to “strike a most devastating psychological blow to Northwest tribes’ pride and their sense of well-being.”

The Christmas Eve call to arms by Northwest Jobs Alliance to CERA, its Tea Party and Christian Patriot militia comrades escalates the Gateway Pacific Terminal Scandal to A Matter of Human Rights and public safety. With the help of professional hate campaign entrepreneurs Philip Brendale, Elaine Willman, Skip Richards and Tom Williams, drumming up resentment against the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, and inciting revenge against the treaty rights and tribal sovereignty of Lummi Nation, is prelude to murderous vigilantism. By undermining democracy and human rights, Kris Halterman, Craig Cole and Mariana Parks – the Gateway Pacific Terminal Promoters – have a lot to answer for.

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