Navaho: Desert Rock RED ALERT

Navaho: Desert Rock RED ALERT

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December 21, 2006

from Black Mesa Indigenous Support. Please call President Shirely! If you are in the area or know anyone in the area please get out to the site and be a Legal Observer!



21 Navajo Police Paddy Wagons and Police Vehicles Just Arrived at the Blockade! [Thursday, December 21, 2006, 12 Noon Mountain State Time]

We have just received reports from ground zero of the Blockade site that the Navajo Police are making arrests! Grandmothers are being arrested. The men were not at the camp and were collecting

We are asking that supporters – far and wide – immediately contact the tribal headquarters of Joe Shirley, who is the Navajo Nation President, telling him that if elders and supporters have been arrested, to please release them. The President of Navajo Nation must demonstrate compassion for the grandmother elders of his tribe.

Ask President Shirley to issue an order to the Navajo Police Department to hold back on making any further arrests, and to release the grandmothers and any other persons arrested.

Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley’s Office
P.O. Box 9000 Window Rock, Arizona, 86515
Phone: (928) 871- 6352
George Hardeen, Navajo Nation Communications Director Office of the President
Office #: 928-871-7000 Cell #: 928-380-7688 e-mail:

Shiprock Police Department phone: (505) 368-1350, fax: (505) 368-1293

Yesterday morning (Wednesday), it was reported that the Navajo Tribal Court issued a temporary restraining order. As a result, it is unclear whether or not the Doodá Desert Rock Committee members were served the actual restraining order until now.

The Navajo Nation Tribal Court took this action on behalf of the Diné Power Authority and Sithe Global who sought immediate injunctive relief. DPA and Sithe Global cited concerns of [so-called] unlawful entry of Burnham Navajo citizens and their interference with the process of the proposed Desert Rock power plant.

It was reported that Alice Gilmore, a Navajo tribal member, and grazing permit holder for the site, also received a restraining order against her despite her continual outcry against the project. Gilmore has never relinquished her permit and has no plans to stop opposing the project. Other resisters are supporting her stance, and despite being served, there is no future of resisters backing down.

“Restraining orders are not stopping us” states Lucy Willie, Vice President of the Doodá Desert Rock Committee, “we’re here to stay.”


Dooda Desert Rock Committee Contacts:
Dailan Jake Long Mobile (Cell): 505-801-0713
Elouise Brown, 505-947-6159
Lucy Willie, 505-215-2644

Dine’ CARE contact:
Lori Goodman, Dine CARE, 970-759-1908

Other Support Contacts:
Enei Begaye, Black Mesa Water Coalition, (928) 213-9760
Jihan R. Gearon, Indigenous Environmental Network, (218) 760-1370
Tom Goldtooth, Indgenous Environmental Network, (218) 760-0442

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