Intimate Acts of Resurgence

Intimate Acts of Resurgence

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January 8, 2018

Intimate acts of resurgence: witnessing the resistance of indigenous children and youth from the personal to the Indigisphere and beyond

by Natalie Clark.
“Mom I know what you do. You don’t think I know history, I do. Why would you be a social worker? How does that help children?” (Cohen Clark, age 9, Secwepemc). Present in this question from my twin son Cohen is the everyday acts of resurgence of children and youth within intimate relationships and spaces, and the revealed practices of naming and questioning the harms done to Indigenous children and youth through colonial systems, in this case social work. This chapter will theorize the processes and practices of listening and witnessing the everyday truth-telling and resurgence of our children and youth and to attend to the shape and quality of the shifting sites where this happens.

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