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December 15, 2012

MANILAKBAYAN is a Mindanao People’s Mobilization for Land, the Environment, and Human Rights that brings voices of concern on mining affected communities and the attacks on environment defenders. Against these threats to land and life, Mindanao peoples — Lumads, Moro and settlers — continue the valiant commitment to defend the environment and national patrimony, resisting Goliaths of plunder and terror driven by corporate mining.

It is out of this context that the MANILAKBAYAN movement was created.

The 4 goals of MANILAKBAYAN are:

1: To stop the Killings of indigenous people and of environmental advocates
2: To influence government policy through lobbying various decision making offices (DENR, DOJ, COM, NCIP)
3: To educate and raise awareness of the issues and gravity of escalating human rights violations in Mindanao by holding forums in schools, churches and other venues
4: To build a network of support by forming relationships with national partners with whom future beneficial and cooperative agendas can be realized.

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