Conference on Colonialism and Urban Education

Conference on Colonialism and Urban Education

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March 1, 2008

The following video is from the 1st annual Conference on Colonialism and Urban Education, which took place in Los Angeles, CA on November 10, 2007.

Organized by the Association of Raza Educators, the conference focused on “issues of social justice as they related to the question on the role of teachers and students in developing a decolonial education inside and outside the classroom. One of the conference main goals is to establish a Teachers of Color Congress organized against state violence in our schools and communities.”

Speakers at the conference included Dr. Carlos Tejeda, California State University; Ernesto Bustillos, Union del Barrio; Mzuri Pambeli, All African People’s Revolutionary Party; and Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade, California State University.

A number of workshops were also held during the conference, covering topics like: Doing Liberatory Pedagogy in the Lower Grades, Challenging State imposed Curricula; Decolonizing Pedagogy; Youth Organizing and Leadership; Decolonizing Research, Tools for Black and Raza Youth Liberation; and Indigenous Education and Self Determination.

Conference on Colonialism and Urban Education

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  • If I understand correctly, there is a DVD available of the entire conference. If you’re interested in obtaining a copy, please send an email to or visit

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