Call for Pitches on Indigenous Medicine Use Around the World
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Call for Pitches on Indigenous Medicine Use Around the World

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October 4, 2017

Intercontinental Cry (IC) is looking for article pitches in English that will explore the role and use of indigenous medicine at the community level.

We’re looking for stories that provide readers with new insight into the medicinal/pharmacological use of specific plant or animal sources, the biocultural relationship that a community holds with the medicine and the challenges that an indigenous community may face in accessing, collecting, preparing, protecting or preserving the medicine.

We have a fixed monthly budget that allows us to accept one pitch per month until September 2018.

Journalists will be paid a fixed rate of CAD$200 for completed stories that meet the following requirements:

1. Must be 2000 words in length.
2. Must include at least 2 interviews from the community.
3. Must be accompanied by at least 5 photographs.

We also ask that journalists acquire FPIC (Free, Prior and Informed Consent) from relevant indigenous authorities to publish the story on Intercontinental Cry.

Pitches should be sent to IC’s Editor in Chief, John Ahni Schertow,

Intercontinental Cry (IC) is a non-profit newsroom that produces public-interest journalism centered on Indigenous rights and the environment. A project of the Center for World Indigenous Studies (a US-based 501(C)(3) founded in 1979), IC is led by journalists and academics of Indigenous descent.


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