Bear Butte: Summit of Nations Overview

Bear Butte: Summit of Nations Overview

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July 22, 2006

Here’s an update of what’s going to be happening –

Summit of Indigenous Nations
August 1-4, 2006 at Mato Paha: Bear Butte

Hosted by the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council
(the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota people known historically as the Great Sioux Nation
of the 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaty Territory)

A Gathering from the Four Directions to Protect our Collective Destiny as Spiritual, Sovereign Indigenous Peoples’ of the Sacred Red Earth

Sacred Land Desecration & Protection Work by NGO’s:

* Bear Butte: Intertribal Coalition to Defend Bear Butte, Lakota Action Network, Bear Butte International Alliance
* Western Shoshone Defense Project: Ruby Valley Treaty Land Struggle & Divine Strake
* Save the Peaks: Sacred Mountains of the Southwest
* Black Mesa Water Coalition: Sacred Water
* Bring Back the Way: Crying Earth Rise Up! Contaminated Water on the Pine Ridge
* Tona Tierra: Protecting Sacred Lands/Ways of Life
* Ecuador Indigenous Peoples
* Snow Bowl in Canada: Sacred Mountain Desecration
* Buffalo Field Campaign
* Six Nations: Sovereign Land Protection
* Human Rights & Sacred Sites: American Indian Law Alliance & Owe Aku
* Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Indian Law Resource Center

(more delegations are being confirmed daily)

Indigenous Issues: Ancient Way of Life Protection Work

* Papal Bull Doctrine of Discovery
* Principles of Agreement: International Covenant
* Indigenous Peoples’ Trade Agreement
* Treaty Making and Treaty Reaffirmations
* International Trade & Borders Between Indigenous Nations


* Collective Decision to Work Together: Principles of Agreement Covenant, International Diplomacy
* Collective Action to Protect Sacred Land & Ways of Life*
* Treaty Councils: International Treaty of Peace and Friendship
* Tribal Government Action to Support the Goals of the Summit

East of Sturgis, SD on Highway 79: two miles north of the bear butte state park entrance, primitive campground at the rosebud sioux tribal lodge. bring your tipi, sleeping bag, chair. meals provided. Vendors Welcome. Security provided by Bring Back the Way.

*Umbrella to include several action items

Hay hombres que luchan un día y son buenos, hay otros que luchan muchos años y son mejores, pero hay los que luchan toda la vida y esos son los indispensables.


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