AU – Tradtional Land owners overturn mine expansion bid

AU – Tradtional Land owners overturn mine expansion bid

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Indigenous people of the Gurdanji, Mara, Garrawa and Yanyuwa language groups in the Northern Territory have just had a victory in stopping the expansion of the Macarthur River Mine, a proposal that would have diverted a river that is of great importance to their dreaming: their identity. (From Anne. Thanks.)

The mining giant Xstrata has just been ordered to stop all work relating to the expansion of the McArthur River Mine, in the NT region of Australia.

The project would have transformed the McArthur River Mine from underground to open-cut mining, diverting the river by 5.5 kilometres.

“The Northern Land Council (NLC) mounted a legal challenge on behalf of the traditional owners, arguing the government had failed to follow proper procedures under the Mines Management Acts.”

It seems, ‘the government did not follow correct process:’

“The minister for mines and energy’s acceptance of the amended mining management plan was of no effect because the mining management plan was not in respect of the mining activities,” stated Justice David Angel.

The expansion was set to begin shortly, but they’ve had to immediately stop all work. And now the “mine faces closure because underground mining is no longer viable.” (source)

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