2 elders, both punished for doing good work.

2 elders, both punished for doing good work.

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January 29, 2007

Here are two separate stories, which I received at the same time, in my email. Both of these, I feel, exemplify how small and petty various governments and so-called authorities with special-interests are — that they would arrest and seek to punish Grandmothers – Grandmothers! who did nothing but work for their People, and to protect the land. How big and strong this must make them feel.

From Rita, friends of grassy narrows mailing list

Please support the immediate release of this elder/grandmother activist and clan mother of the Squamish Nation.

Support the immediate release of Harriet Nahanee.

This is truly disgusting and beyond contempt. The authorities should be ashamed of themselves for punishing an elder/elderly woman in such a fashion because she tried to protect the Earth from destruction and stood by her principles. This is nothing more than abuse of power.

This is the solution? This is what a provincial judge, a supposedly intelligent, highly paid civil servant, comes up with? A two-week jail sentence?! What harm has this grandmother done? What threat is she? Will the precious Olympic Games come to a grinding halt if she’s not thrown into jail? After all that’s what this is all about isn’t it, an unnecessary road to the Olympic Games site.

Surely to goodness she could have been released on bail while waiting trial.

I wonder what the First Nations are doing to support this woman and I wonder what we, the general public, can we do?


Vancouver, Wednesday January 24, 2007

This morning, shortly after 10AM, Madam Justice Brown sentenced Squamish elder Harriet Nahanee to fourteen days in jail for asserting her rights under the Constitution as an Indian and refusing to apologize to anybody, including the court, for blockading at Eagleridge Bluffs.

Betty Krawczyk, who had been acting in the courtroom as a McKenzie Friend of the court on Harriet’s behalf, knowing full well the horrors of Surrey Pre-Trial where Harriet will most likely be kept, objected strenuously at the sentencing. Betty was forcibly ejected from the court room and refused re-entry.

It seems that these great grandmothers are the only two who have refused to apologize for trying to protect Eagleridge and are the two who will pay the price in jail time. Betty can’t speak for Harriet right now because Harriet is in jail, but Betty wants everybody to know she will apologize to Kiewit and Sons and Mr. Falcon, Minister of Transportation when they apologize to the people of this province for destroying a valuable eco system to serve their own dark, troubled corporate loving egos. Her trial begins on Monday, Jan. 29 at the Supreme Court in Vancouver. It will last a week. She will represent herself.

Please come support these two great grandmothers who are trying to help save life and breath for the next generations.

For further information: Marni Norwich marni@inkcatmedia.com 604.450.5326

Rena Lane has a hearing in Hopi court on Monday Jan 29, 2007 at 1:00 pm.

She is being charged with cutting the fence that runs along the Black Mesa Pipeline. During the incident when the Hopi Rangers came to her home to confront her about the fence, she suffered a heart attack.

“Ever since that day, it has not been good with me,” said Lane

*PLEASE LEND YOUR SUPPORT for the people that live in resistance against the Navaho and Hopi tribal governments’ greed for Peabody Coal Company!!!!

Rena Babbitt Lane pleaded not guilty during an arraignment last Monday.

At this time we do not know what she faces if found guilty.


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