Only 15 days left to support IC Magazine!

Only 15 days left to support IC Magazine!

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August 5, 2014

With just 15 days left in our fundraiser, we need to raise at least $490 per day for the next two weeks straight to reach our goal. Please help! We can’t do this without you!!

There are thousands of stories from the Indigenous Peoples Movement that never seem to make headlines, whether it’s the Nasa Peoples bold removal of paramilitary forces from their lands in Colombia or the impressive occupation of Brazil’s House of Representatives by 700 indigenous leaders.

For the past 10 years, IC Magazine has sought out these stories and many others like them, because Indigenous Peoples are comprehensively ignored by mainstream and alternative media.

Now we’re in the process of registering IC Magazine as a non-profit publication in Canada, in order to

We also intend to set up shop in Winnipeg, so that we can house a small staff, along with interns involved in copy-editing, fact-checking and special projects–such as media production workshops.

In the meantime, we need to raise $10,000 by August 19, 2014, so that we can continue our operations and immediately expand our investigative journalism in part by paying writers for their work.

As an independent publication, we are relying on all our readers and everyone that supports Indigenous Peoples to contribute to this campaign any way they can. Even the smallest donation makes a difference!

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    We're fighting for our lives

    Indigenous Peoples are putting their bodies on the line and it's our responsibility to make sure you know why. That takes time, expertise and resources - and we're up against a constant tide of misinformation and distorted coverage. By supporting IC you're empowering the kind of journalism we need, at the moment we need it most.

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