People Land Truth 2013


People Land Truth 2013

People Land Truth 2013

People Land Truth 2013 offers more than four dozen articles, including Russell Diabo’s influential essay on Harper’s assimilation plan, Jay Taber’s comprehensive analysis of the emerging anti-indian movement in the United States, and Jeff Conant’s enlightening interview with Pedro Hernández Luna and Miguel Sanchez Alvarez concerning el lekil kuxlejal (living well).

58 pages / 22 Authors / 57 Pictures / 8.27 x 11.69 inches / 5MB in size

Robert Desjarlait, Robin Llewellyn, Jay Taber, John Ahni Schertow, Hannibal Rhoades, Curtis Kline, Artiso Mandawa, Vera Belazelkoska, Richard Arghiris, Jen Wilton, Jason MacLeod, Nuunja Kahina, Russell Diabo, Joe Bryan, Klee Benally, Tracy Barnett, Rebecca Sommer, Imani Altemus-Williams, Jeff Conant, Taiaiake Alfred, Mati Hitorangi

John Ahni Schertow

John Ahni Schertow

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