#MaximumAlert: Communiqué to the national and international community in the face of imminent reprisal against the Shuar people with military weapons

by December 16, 2016

 Este artículo está disponible en español aquí This morning it was learned that military tanks had moved to the side passage of Puyo, Ecuador, with the presumable destination of #moronasantiago.

We alert the national and international community to these facts and again urge the national government to seek out the serious conflict generated by the militarization of indigenous territories, whose background is in the servile delivery of our territories to the transnational corporations for mega mining. The Ecuadorian government will be solely responsible for what will happen because the life of our brothers is in danger.

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We call the national and international public, media, social organizations, human rights organizations and the community in general to denounce the intentions of a government that instead of finding solutions responds with a military armor of unforeseeable consequences.

Taking advantage of the state of emergency to send military tanks against villagers constitutes an unprecedented, violent and reckless act that must stop immediately.

We demand the immediate demilitarization of #Nankints and we strongly send out an international call of #SOSPuebloShuar

Governing Council of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon (CONFENIAE)

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