Intercontinental Cry releases PEOPLE LAND TRUTH 2014

Intercontinental Cry releases PEOPLE LAND TRUTH 2014

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October 1, 2014

IC Magazine is pleased to announce the official release of its sixth publication, PEOPLE LAND TRUTH 2014!

Breathing new life into the very best of IC, PEOPLE LAND TRUTH 2014 features some of the most informative, the most inspiring and the most popular articles that IC has published over the past 12 months.

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The much-anticipated magazine was painstakingly designed and developed by IC’s editor and publisher, John Ahni Schertow, with major editorial contributions from IC’s Associate Editor, Tracy Barnett.

PEOPLE LAND TRUTH 2014 is by far the best publication we’ve ever put together. It’s a real testament to our contributors and of course, the crucial stories that they covered!” says Schertow. ” Hands down, this magazine is more important than Time, National Geographic, Harper’s, the New Yorker, Macleans, you name it. We may not have the budget to print more than ten magazines at a time, nevertheless, it is an essential read.”

“It’s a beautiful design!” adds Barnett.” [It] really brings the stories to life with some top-notch journalism on every level.”

This year’s issue of PEOPLE LAND TRUTH comes in two distinct editions. The online edition is packed to the brim with 34 original articles, 2 guest articles, and a unique two-page spread that highlights all the best films that IC offers on its website. The print edition is slightly smaller to make it more affordable to the public. Coming in at an even 100 pages, it features 27 originals and 2 guest articles.

Both editions of the magazine are available exclusively at

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