Join me in supporting intelligent communication that provides hope, not hype

Join me in supporting intelligent communication that provides hope, not hype

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November 9, 2015

Most of the world’s eight billion people do not belong to an indigenous tribe; many have no idea of their ancestral tribal heritage. Outside vague notions of their first nations identity, they lack a specific connection to indigenous consciousness.

For the diaspora of ancient tribal nations, the elusive threads of their indigenous identity remain difficult to discern in the complex fabric of their modern lives. Yet, those threads are there, waiting to be discovered.

Belonging is a core need of human beings; clubs, NGOs, and political parties provide contemporary venues for finding meaning and purpose in our lives, but they are not as fulfilling as tribes, or as engaging as networks of affiliated comrades. If I lived in my ancestors’ indigenous homeland of Northern Ireland, I could join Sinn Fein, alongside my distant cousins, but I live in America.

Yet, I can contribute to the liberation of indigenous peoples worldwide, from Belfast to Bilbao, from Barcelona to Bethlehem. By supporting intelligent communication — that provides hope, not hype — I can connect to my core humanitarian needs, without succumbing to the emotional manipulations of the elite-funded NGOs and political parties that routinely betray us in the US.

By doing what I can to help create An Indigenous News Platform for the World, I and others like me express our belief in the possibility of the power of love to defeat the love of power enshrined by modern states and their accompanying, celebrity-ridden NGOs. Intelligent communication, as exemplified by IC Magazine, is my way of respecting and connecting to my indigenous roots. Won’t you join me?

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