Mexico: Triqui protest camp reclaims position in front of government buildings

The Triqui people of San Juan Copala have reclaimed their position in front of the Government Palace in Oaxaca City after being forcibly evicted by state and municipal police just one month ago. The plantón (protest camp) was cleared, for the second time since 2011, to make way for the many tourists that descend on […]

Oaxaca: Triqui Protest Camp Suffers New Eviction

For over two years the Triqui people of San Juan Copala, an autonomous municipality, have been a dispossessed people. Forced to leave their homes by a wave of paramilitary violence between February and September of 2010 these Triqui have been trying to achieve safe passage back to their lands ever since. The yearning for a […]

Triqui caravan stands down after shameful moves by government

The Triqui people of San Juan Copala are returning to the Palace of Governance in Oaxaca de Juárez after a series of shameful moves by the Oaxaca government. Things were finally starting to look up for the displaced community. On January 23rd, 2012, Oaxaca Governor Gabino Cué agreed to send an armed escort to accompany […]

Displaced women from San Juan Copala forced to suspend peaceful sit-in

A group of displaced Triqui women from the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala, have been forced by the government of Oaxaca to suspend their peaceful sit-in which began more than 12 months ago. According to The Autonomous Community Council Of San Juan Copala, the government recently threatened to violently remove all women and children […]

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