IC Magazine Call for Applications: Development & Fundraising Coordinator

IC Magazine Call for Applications: Development & Fundraising Coordinator

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August 23, 2016

IC Magazine, an independent indigenous rights media outlet based in Winnipeg, is recruiting a part-time Development and Fundraising Coordinator.

For over a decade, IC Magazine has stood as the only indigenous rights media outlet of its kind. Operationalizing a unique process of journalism triage, we have worked tirelessly to democratize the national and international media-scapes for Indigenous Peoples. To date, we have served more than 500 indigenous communities worldwide.

In an effort to secure a future for this work in 2017 and beyond, we are recruiting a Development and Fundraising Coordinator to help design and implement an ethically-driven media sustainability strategy. This will be an awesome experience for someone with a fundraising background looking for further experience with an emerging media powerhouse. As a young and dynamic organization, we are eager to collaborate with a hardworking creative individual on our fundraising work.

About the Position

Working with IC’s Editor in Chief, the Development and Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for:

Skill Requirements


A contingency fee, to be capped at 7 percent of organization’s maximum allowable budget.


10-20 hours week for twelve months (flexible) with a review and optional renegotiation of position every six months.

How to Apply

Please send an email indicating your interest with a brief summary of your experience and resumé to John Schertow, IC Editor-in-Chief, at intercontinentalcry@gmail.com

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

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