IC launches “The Indigenous Rights Report”

IC launches “The Indigenous Rights Report”

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July 1, 2019

Today, Intercontinental Cry announced the launch of The Indigenous Rights Report, a new weekly feature that dives into the world of online news to track down major indigenous rights conflicts, challenges and successes that got left behind.

“We’re very excited to be able to produce something like this, because it’s next to impossible to get a clear picture of everything that’s going on in the world,” said IC founding editor, John Schertow.

A member of the Mohawk nation, Schertow explained that he got the idea for the report during the national Indigenous Radio Conference in 2017.

“After I spoke at the conference, I was cornered by the late Les Carpenter, who was the CEO of the Native Communications Society of the Northwest Territories. After talking with him for a few minutes about what I do, he bluntly said I should do a radio show to give his listeners in the north a chance to know what’s happening. As soon as I heard that glorious voice of voice of his, I was in. The next day, Banchi Hanuse from Nuxalk Radio asked me the same thing.”

“Sadly, we could never find funding to produce an actual radio show; but now that we have enough monthly supporters on Patreon, we can at least produce the written equivalent. If it catches enough interest, we will move forward on the podcast as soon as humanly possible,” he added.

The Indigenous Rights Report is available exclusively to individuals that pledge $5 or more to Intercontinental Cry at Patreon.com.

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