Grassy Narrows’ fight for rights and against clearcut logging continues despite legal setback at Supreme Court
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Grassy Narrows’ fight for rights and against clearcut logging continues despite legal setback at Supreme Court

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Grassy Narrows – The leadership and members of Grassy Narrows are disappointed by today’s Supreme Court of Canada decision refusing to recognize the special role that the federal government has in protecting our Treaty 3 from provincial and corporate actions. Despite this result Grassy Narrows will continue our fight to protect our lands and our people. Grassy Narrows is deeply committed to protecting the way of life of our people, upholding the rights guaranteed in Treaty 3 and providing a bright future for our members and we will continue to resist the expansion of unsustainable industrial logging in our territory. Chief Roger Fobister said:

“While we hoped the Supreme Court of Canada would respect our treaty, we are determined to see Treaty 3 respected. We expect the Government of Ontario and Canada to learn from the last ten years and come to the table ready to deal with the real needs of our people which requires ensuring a sustainable future both environmentally and economically.”

J.B. Fobister, a Grassy Narrows hunter who helped initiate the case, said:

“This has been a long fight and while we are disappointed in today’s outcome we will be continuing to fight to protect the health, welfare and culture of the people of Grassy Narrows using all the tools available to us. We believe Ontario and industry are morally and politically obliged to seek our consent before logging our lands. Our people will ensure that the government, public, corporations, and courts never forget the terrible effect that industrial logging has had on the health and welfare of our people.”

Grassy Narrows will study the result and determine what further steps need to be taken in the coming weeks.

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Joseph Fobister: 807-407-2745
Chief Roger Fobister: 807-407-1574
Lawyer Robert Janes: 250-888-5269

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