Namibia: Growing frustration in Kaokoland: 1000 Himba and Zemba protest again against dam and human rights violations

EARTH PEOPLES, March 25, 2013 – Namibia, March 26, 2013: Yesterday, about a 1000 Himba and Zemba held a protest march in Opuwo to show the Government of Nambia (GoN) that they had enough. This was the third protest in a row, but by far the largest. The two Indigenous semi-nomadic tribes, from the semi-desert […]

Indigenous leaders bring 20,000 signatures to Brasília demanding land demarcation and Rights!

Today, Tuesday December 4th, about 70 indigenous leaders from Mato Grosso do Sul and various other regions of Brazil will be in Brasilia, to deliver to the Brazilian authorities over twenty thousand signatures of the campaign “I support the Indigenous Cause.” The movement claims the demarcation of indigenous lands, the rejection of the Constitutional Amendment […]

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