IC Magazine is looking for an Assistant Editor!


Are you passionate about Indigenous rights? Do you have a meticulous approach to work, and a razor-sharp news sense? IC Magazine is looking for you. We need a volunteer Assistant Editor with strong technical and organizational skills to join our small but dedicated editorial team.

Your time at IC will be instrumental. You will help publish articles on our website, curate articles from our media partners, and assign stories to our editors. You will also use social media and SEO best practices to extend reach of articles and assist with other important aspects of our editorial workflow.

Through this work, you will be helping us fulfill our mission to inform, provoke, educate and inspire the international community by delivering a unique brand of decolonized journalism that explores solutions, exposes injustice and provides facts with context.

*Handle publication of articles on website
*Curate articles for our international audience
*Find supporting material, like images, maps, videos and illustrations for articles
*Use social media and seo best practices to extend reach of articles
*Liaise with other editors to ensure submissions are reviewed in a timely fashion
*Provide administrative support to the Editor-in-Chief of IC

*Good writing and editing skills
*Experience with WordPress, Microsoft Word and other publishing tools
*Experience with or willingness to use task managers like Todoist and Ntask
*Ability to produce clear, concise and powerful copy on tight deadlines
*Strong understanding of Indigenous rights/fourth world politics
*Works well independently and as part of a team

Benefits and recognition
This position provides valuable experience for students in the field of journalism; individuals needing experience in the non-profit sector; and anyone with a passion for supporting Indigenous Peoples. Volunteers are highly valued members of the IC team and contribute to making a significant difference in our ability to provide investigative journalism to the world. IC will provide reference letters to all volunteers who successfully complete a placement.

Work Location:

Time Commitment:
5-10 Hours Per Week

Contact person:
John Ahni Schertow

Contact e-mail:

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