Indigenous Peoples


An estimated 370 million Indigenous Peoples live in some 90 different countries around the world. They represent more than 4,000 of the nearly 7,000 languages, which are still spoken in the world today.

Their territories cover about 20 percent of the earth surface and largely overlap with the world’s richest areas in terms of biological diversity. Their special connection to their land and their knowledge on their natural environment plays an important role in the protection of this biological diversity and important ecosystems.

Despite apparent advances in modern civilization, Indigenous peoples continue to experience great challenges at the hands of governments, corporations, and non-governmental organizations. Displacement and the loss of access to natural resources is a frequent occurrence. The result has been that Indigenous Peoples are being dragged to extinction in many parts of the world.

Thankfully, Indigenous Peoples aren’t accepting the “zero future” that is being handed to them. They are struggling to reclaim their lands; develop sustainable economies; protect their languages, identities and cultural resources. With the help of national laws and international agreements like ILO Convention 169 and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, they are also striving to secure their basic rights which have been denied to them for so long.

Through this directory, you will be able to learn about many of these struggles and the Indigenous people leading them.

Note: this directory is a work in progress.