Zones of Survival

Zones of Survival

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August 6, 2012

In his essay NoGoZone, Hakim Bey examines the state as the last spectacular locus of the world of simulation, and proposes that it will be forced to practice social triage in letting go of real control of zones that have been abandoned. Officially, he notes, the specto-state will continue to claim jurisdiction and proprietorship of these zones, but in reality these zones will have been sacrificed.

Constituting organic non-authoritarian entities, No Go Zones as real-life experiments, says Bey, will need to re-invent a spirituality of freedom. Whether we dread it or romanticize it, he asserts, the No Go Zone is on the way.

Whether we envision No Go Zones in the form of dystopia as represented in the movies Brazil or City of God, or utopia in the form of revitalized micro-nations on North American Indian reservations or in anarchic Italian social centers, creating autonomous zones of survival is fast becoming our most urgent task.

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