Where things are at now

Where things are at now

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February 25, 2007

It’s been some time since I’ve talked about the site and the project(s), so I thought I’d pass an update on.

With the exception of a two very lengthy discussions (which I’m slowly compiling into pdf files) I’ve finished moving the content from the old forum now.

Also, I mentioned last month that I was studying other projects and websites… in doing this I slowly realized that what I’m trying to do here is just way too much for one person, particularly one who has no experience with this sort of thing. So I started reaching out to people who would more than likely know what to do.

I wrote to Dru Oja Jay of dominionpaper.ca, the folks at socialsignal.ca, Ivan boothe, and Ben (pwgd.org)

Unfortunately I never heard back from Ivan, and the folks at social signal — well I guess they only help NGO’s, but the woman I spoke to forwarded me to a group called netsquared which I will eventually spend some time at.

Dru however, took the time to write back – and actually gave me a great deal to think about. In fairness to privacy though I won’t get into the conversation, except to say he gave me a welcomed reality check!

Ben aswell, is giving me a great deal to think about…

First, he offered to help by buying a domain name for this site – which I’ve accepted, as intercontinentalcry.mahost.org is definitely a mouthful. And then, just a few days ago, he expressed an interest in merging this site with pwgd.org.

Least to say, there’s a great deal to consider now — especially since I had just started moving towards dropping the project and going to University to develop my writing.

I mean, a few months ago I mentioned here that I’ll be getting back to my writing — but if you’re a regular here, then you know I really haven’t been.

I actually write every day. Last week I wrote four articles, and have around thirty others sitting here. I’m having the problem though, where I can’t finish any of them. Even the speech I offered to write for Aboriginal Sovereignty Day, in Australia — I worked it days-on-end, but just couldn’t get it done.

Honestly, I think every article I’ve made public in the past was in this unfinished state, but I just decided to put it out there, regardless.

These days though, I don’t want to do that. I mean, there’s no point in sharing if the delivery makes the content unbearable, right?. And what can I do to resolve this but go to school?

Perhaps there is a balance with all this, and my responsibilities to oneidasfordemocracy.org, among other sites — I’m not sure yet.

Whatever the case, I’ll be getting back to Ben in the next few days, and I’ll post any updates, below.


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