Where did the swallows go?

Where did the swallows go?

Climate change has arrived in Brazil's Xingu Indigenous Park
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September 3, 2016

Climate Change is no longer some abstract idea that we can debate or dismiss. In Brazil’s Xingu Indigenous Park, climate change has arrived.

The signs are everywhere. Cicadas no longer announce that the rain is coming. Swallows no longer fly in droves to announce the start of the rains. The butterflies are gone. The Monkeys are gone. Trees are refusing to blossom. Fruit and staple foods like cassava and potato are going rotten before they mature. Fires rage out of control, tearing through the rainforest with alarming ease. And it’s getting hotter.

This film by Instituto Socioambiental and Instituto Catitu looks at the devastating causes and effects of these changes that threaten not only the future of Indigenous Peoples in the Xingu River basin, but the future of all people, everywhere.

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