When Two Worlds Collide
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When Two Worlds Collide

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October 23, 2010

“A contemporary apocalyptic story of a man, of a people, and of the fate of one of our planet’s most valuable natural resources.”

Set against the backdrop of global recession and climate crisis, When Two Worlds Collide traces the heroic journey of Peruvian indigenous leader Alberto Pizango, the president of the Interethnic Association for the Development of the Peruvian Rainforest (AIDESEP).

Accused of Insurrection and Sedition by the government, Pizango returned to Peru in May 2010 after spending more than 11 months in exile in the neighbouring country of Nicaragua. He exited Peru in June 2009 immediately following the tragic events in Bagua.

Now, with a 20-year prison sentence in the air, Pizango finds himself nominated for a presidential candidacy. In September 2010, the Apus (indigenous leaders) of more than 1,300 communities announced that they would stand by him as the lead candidate of the Alliance for the Alternative of Humanity (Alianza para la Alternativa de la Humanidad, APHU) the first Indigenous political party in Peru’s history.

Future of the Film
Yachaywasi Films, the producers of When Two Worlds Collide, have been steadily following Pizango for the past two years, recording the events leading up to his exile, his time in exile, and his eventual return. “We have been given exclusive access to film the inside story of this movement for change, says Yachaywasi Films. “We are also the only media of any kind with such an intimate relationship and the capacity to really catch history in the making.”

Now they are preparing to document his run for Presidency; however, because the film is independent, Yachaywasi finds itself low on funds. The recently started a collaborative funding drive at IndieGoGo.com, but so far they’ve only been able to raise a small fraction of their goal. And so, Yachaywasi is asking for our help, “[so] we can follow the outreach campaign to all parts of Peru. It will embrace the indigenous Andean mountain communities, Rainforest tribes, and the rural peasantry, along with urban Peru”.

“Leading up to elections taking place next year in April 2011, it is crucial for us to film Pizango as he prepares for and faces trial; and to illuminate the big push for change. The Amazonian’s say their voices will only be heard if they enter the world of politics and work alongside government officials. In this phase of production we want to capture contrasting and diverse opinions and interpretations from the public about the Amazonian’s quest, as events unfold.”

If all goes well and Yachaywasi can raise all the money they need, When Two Worlds Collide should be released by the end of 2011. And with a little bit of luck and good will, Alberto Pizango’s journey will continue forward as President..

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