We’re looking for volunteer writers, reporters, investigative journalists

We’re looking for volunteer writers, reporters, investigative journalists

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May 20, 2013

The struggle for Indigenous Rights is without exaggeration the most important issue in the world today. While some would argue that it’s merely a fruitless effort to keep living in the past, this struggle is dedicated to securing a healthy and sustainable way of life, for all of us.

In order to achieve that quintessential goal–securing the future–Indigenous Peoples and their allies find themselves face to face with the conflicting policies, beliefs, perceptions, laws and interests of governments, corporations, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, paramilitary groups, and organized settler populations. What’s more, there is often internal struggle with presiding indigenous leaders, friends and associates buying into outsider interests at the expense of the nation.

The successful end to just one of these struggles–of which there are hundreds–can have far reaching national and international impacts.

Despite the enormity of this situation, however, the world’s media continues to falter like it’s just another day at the office. There is little interest in covering the struggles of Indigenous Peoples.

Here at Intercontinental Cry Magazine, we strive to write about each and every struggle, no matter where it takes us. We are devoted to the global indigenous movement and we know what’s on the line.

If you’re like us and if you have a passion for writing combined with a strong work ethic, we hope you will consider working with us.

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