We Are All Related Here

We Are All Related Here

Upcoming film reminds us that climate change isn't some abstract notion that we can beleive or dismiss. It's here.
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June 13, 2015

Climate change isn’t some abstract concept that we can either believe or dismiss on a whim. Nor is it some distant cloud on the horizon that we can comfortably ignore while governments and corporations devise new schemes to profit from this ever-growing industry-driven catastrophe.

For Indigenous Peoples like the Yup’ik, whose livelihood and culture is built atop the frozen tundra of the north, climate change exists in real-time and there is only one thing they can do about it. They can relocate, at the expense of their livelihood and culture.

We Are All Related Here is an upcoming feature documentary that takes the lens cap off for the Yup’ik people of Newtok, Alaska, one of at least a dozen Indigenous communities in the north who face imminent relocation due to the consequences of climate change.

We Are All Related Here

  • Directed By: Brian McDermott
  • Music By: Rudy Adrian from the album Moonwater
  • Official Website: http://www.weareallrelatedhere.com/
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