Hunted Like Animals

by February 27, 2007

Hunted Like Animals is an eye-opening documentary about an ongoing, but unknown, genocide - against the Hmong people in the jungles of Laos. Coerced into joining the CIA's anti-communist efforts during the Viet Nam war, this ethnic minority became a Secret Army. When the U.S. pulled out of Southeast Asia in 1975 and the Lao kingdom was overthrown by the communists, the Hmong became targets of retaliation and persecution.

Hundreds of thousands fled the country; others ran to remote mountainous regions of Laos. Over thirty years and two generations later, the Hmong in hiding are still mercilessly hunted, attacked, raped, tortured and killed by the military.

Since 2004, the crackdown has intensified and those who can escape seek refuge in Thailand. The traumatized refugees have not been promised protection or help. Instead, they are threatened with deportation back to Laos, the very place from which they barely escaped.

In this documentary, the refugees speak for the estimated 20,000 voiceless people still trapped in the jungle, surrounded by Lao and Vietnamese soldiers - and hunted like animals. (source)

About the Film

Over 1000 DVD of HUNTED LIKE ANIMALS were sent to governments, and the UN system. Even so the UN has no access to the people-in-hiding, or the refugees - HUNTED LIKE ANIMALS brings their voices to them.

Please contact the filmmaker Rebecca Sommer, if you would like to purchase a DVD - or if you have questions:

Segment from the film, WE ARE NOT REBELS

  • I'm a Hmong people.
    September 15, 2009 at 2:55 am

    This is a sound from a heart of a hmong. I can't stand to see The Hmong peoples who was killed that. I'm very very ....sad.

    Whoever ? Please help my sausin hmongs. Please please....

    Why? hmong is a People like everybody .but they were hunted like animal.

    I want to meet a baord of UN ..............


  • Ms. Vang
    November 16, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    When I watched this, I cried. I was born in the U.S.A. not laos, or thailand, or vietnam.
    And I KNEW of the when I saw this...I cried my heart out.

    when will we get justice? When will we live in peace? And the saying R.I.P.
    Yeah right...we do not even REST in peace...they (the ones suffering) sleep in fear...they live in fear...of persecution...of death at the hands of communists....

    the world is unjust my fellow readers....and so...this is why I am my own advocate in my own town....

    That is why I embrace my culture hardcore! that is why I stand up not inly for the Hmong people..but for others who are going through the same thing....

    I am a hmong-american citizen...and yet living here...there is still discrimination....

    the world of streotyping and mal remarks will never end.....


    Shiny (nick) Vang.


  • I'm a Hmong people.
    November 16, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    OK. I'm very great to see someone answer or comment about my asking in this webside. that what it make me know there is still anyone interest about this story. I can't speach Enlish well but I can understand little enough. I think Hmong people should be love hmong more nowadays............


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