Turning Off Consumerism

Turning Off Consumerism

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July 28, 2012

Movements and campaigns to abolish the symptoms of the capitalist system have had notable but limited success. Limited in the sense that these symptoms reoccur in altered but equally lethal forms. With the resurgence of genocide, racism and slavery, these symptoms of the capitalist system have accelerated the ecocide and tyranny that threaten all humankind.

At the root of the capitalist system, however, is consumerism–a conditioned behavior that can be unlearned. As this article from Norway illustrates, educated consumers can turn it off when adequately motivated.

While we all know consumerism poisons our bodies, minds and environment, turning it off is easier said than done. People still crave sugar, fossil fuels, and mindless television, but what if they simply cut their consumption in half rather than go cold turkey. Would that make any difference? You bet it would.

So if consumers won’t stop overeating, frivolous driving, or numbing their minds for their own health, will they do it for humanity?


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