For Rights and Land
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For Rights and Land

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John Ahni Schertow
March 14, 2007

A documentary that’s still in production, For Rights and Land, takes a close look at the Buffalo River Dene Nation and their legal battle over traditional land rights with the Canadian government.

The Buffalo River Dene is in danger of losing access to their traditional territories and needs the support of people interested in indigenous issues, human rights, and international law.

If you would like more information about the documentary, or to contact the director, please visit

Here’s a brief message from the Director:

I met Adelard Blackman when I was a student. His unusual story inspired me to write and direct a documentary about his current life and how he is helping the Buffalo River Dene Nation.

After securing a camera and a microphone, Adelard invited me to Buffalo River and the adventure began. This trailer represents a preview of a documentary I am currently producing in France.

It’s a long way to go, but like Adelard says, “Life is good.” -Jacques Santiago Avalos, director

For Rights and Land

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