Voices of the Caribou People

Voices of the Caribou People

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July 31, 2009

Voices of the Caribou People is a video-based project about the lives and challenges of Caribou People: Indigenous communities who maintain a traditional relationship with Caribou.

Conducted as part of CARMA‘s ongoing research on caribou and people, the project, which first set out in the summer of 2008, aims to gather knowledge from Caribou communities, and then share it, in the form of video, with other communities, scientists and the general public.

A total of 97 people took part in the project—including women, elders, hunters, communitiy leaders and youth from Anaktuvuk Pass in Alaska; Old Crow in Yukon Territory; LutselK’e and Wekweeti in the Northwest Territories; Arviat in Nunavut; and Kawawachikamach in Quebec.

Voices of the Caribou People is a work-in-progress. Right now it consists of a twelve minute video that you can watch or download on CARMA’s website. The film won first place in last year’s International Polar Year video contest…

If all goes according to plan, that twelve minute short will eventually grow into a feature-length documentary. As well, in due time, each interview will be made available to anyone who wants to learn more about Caribou People.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, visit http://www.carmanetwork.com

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