The Process of Poverty Creation

The Process of Poverty Creation

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March 14, 2013

Poverty is not natural; it is man made. Under globalization, the creation of poverty is international. As such, the infrastructure of finance used to create an impoverished planet is arranged to combine private equity residuals from the creation of poverty at the state level, with state investments at the international level, to compound and consolidate poverty creation worldwide.

Through this infrastructure, that includes the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, profits from poverty creation are perpetually recycled into creating poverty across the planet. In this way, the 1% — whose interests are thus protected and nourished by international institutions — have managed over the last few decades to turbo-charge poverty creation like never before.

Worse yet, the process of planning, implementing, adjudicating and enforcing poverty creation has become equally institutionalized, to the extent that the decisions are a foregone conclusion in favor of the 1%, with little media exposure, and no serious challenge to a totally rigged game.

As reported in Galdu, in this rigged game, ethnic cleansing, the removal of rivers, the poisoning of the planet, are deemed sustainable and in compliance with social standards. Non-designated indigenous peoples do not exist.

As noted recently at The Real News, international trade courts — established to protect international investors in creating poverty — are key to preventing accountability for what amounts to crimes against humanity.

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