The Need and Fear of Change in Boliva
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The Need and Fear of Change in Boliva

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September 17, 2007

With many signs emerging that the right wing in Bolivia is slowly preparing to destabilize the country and overthrow Evo Morales—along with him, the hopes and dreams of millions of indigenous and non-indigenous people throughout South America—On September 10th, more than 10,000 people gathered in Sucre to attend a Social Summit ‘for dialogue and defense of the Constituent Assembly’.

During the Summit, the social organizations resolved to “defend, including with our lives, the constituent assembly and this process of irreversible profound change being driven forward by the historic forces of our peoples and the indigenous, originario and campesino nations, together with the popular organisations”.

Furthermore, the social movements declared themselves to be in a ‘state of emergency’ and committed themselves to organising Committees in defense of the Constituent Assembly, adding that, if necessary, they would undertake ‘other more radical measures’.”

At the rate things are going it looks as though the people will be called to task.

Information came out this weekend which indicates the US State Department “is moving its pieces within the dominant classes of Bolivia, financing civilian mercenary groups, installing agent provocateurs and enlisting shock troops in order to overthrow Evo Morales and put a halt to the Latin American revolutionary process.” The right is without question, determined to do everything it can to support it.

Real Solidarity is truly needed, now more than ever.

Related to this in part, Evo Morales announced on Saturday that another Summit will be held from October 11 and 12, but this one for indigenous peoples of the world.

From Bolivia Rising – President Evo Morales Ayma convoked representatives of the indigenous peoples of different countries of the world to a summit which will be held between October 11 and 12 in Bolivia in order to elaborate concrete proposals for the preservation of nature and the environment.

During this opportunity, they will also celebrate the overwhelming approval by 143 votes of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the General Assembly of the United Nations, which occurred on September 13 in New York.

“It will not only be a grand festival to celebrate together the approval of this declaration, but it will also be an event to put forward concrete offers of how to preserve nature and human life, to save the planet”, stated President Morales, saluting the countries that approved this declaration.

The head of state expressed that the struggle of the peoples has been fruitful, but that did not mean that the struggle had finished, on the contrary, now “ we must sensitize ourselves so that, together, we can see how we can save the planet, and as a consequence, how we can save humanity”.

“I feel that it is important that we save the planet, the planet is sick with contamination, the moment when this fever becomes stronger, it will certainly affect all of us, rich and poor, no one will save themselves from this” expressed Morales Ayma.

In this sense he stated that it was necessary to change economic policies, being conscious of nature and taking the debate to the United Nation and to other international organizations. (source)

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